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My Favourite New TikTok Trend: Get the perfect face coverage by using products out of order!

Have you seen the new TikTok Trend? The one that shows you how to get the perfect face coverage? If not, you have to get on it! We at thisorthat have all put it to the test.

"What is it?" You may ask... Stick around to get to know how to have a flawless foundation that preps you for the day, for the rest of your make-up and for the rest of your life, all at the lowest cost imagined.

Let me enlighten you! Watch an example below:

So basically it goes like this...

1. Moisturise first.

Apply the YARDLEY OATMEAL EVEN Moist Rejuvenation moisturiser to your face after you've cleansed.

Add to cart: for R71.00!

2. Then take some translucent powder (we usually use the YARDLEY Stayfast Pressed Powder Translucent) and just dab it all over your face - not too much!

Shop now for only R106.00!

3. Next, spritz on a setting spray before putting on your primer. Use the illuminating primer available here: for R86.00.

4. Last, put on your foundation from R121.00 available in a range of colours suitable for all skin complexions.

There you have it. For perfect, filtered looking, flawless base, try this technique. Until next time.

Zea xx

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